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Peachfuzz is a collection of short videos revolving around two pals, Brooks and Kevin, who exemplify the meaning of friendship as they hang out in their cartoonish world. Each video is about a minute long and structured much like a comic strip – one scene building up to a single joke. Individually, our videos are fun and quirky. Collectively, they create a consistent tone, bringing viewers into a unique world. The material is universally digestible, light and playful. New videos are released every Monday and Thursday on Youtube, creating a growing subscriber base.

The Founders is a documentary web series that follows the adventures of tech startups pursuing their dreams in TechStars during the summer of 2012. Only 1% of applicants have the chance to be part of TechStars but this series is an inside glimpse of what these entrepreneurs experience. We follow 3/12 of the companies, & Watch all of season 3 Directed by Megan Sweeney Music by Harper Blynn Monika Leigh Spence From Audiosocket Kristin Diable Kristin Diable Saturn Missiles

Written and Directed by Bevan B. Bell Edited by Bevan B. Bell Produced by: Christine Connolly Bell Camera Ops: John Heeg, Gabe Arren, Kai Yu Starring: Bevan B. Bell, Bob Brindley, Dan Arol Jahns, Tom Walker, and Sammy Wegent.

The Distance is a web series about long distance relationships. Support “The Distance” and help it continue to be produced by using the ‘Tip Jar’ below this video. Episode 1 Sam finds himself trying to live with a terrible mistake. Watch all episodes here WEB:

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